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New NASA Report!

June 7th, 2016

A new report on the comparison of the MR code PATO with FIAT has been published:

This report provides a code-to-code comparison between PATO, a recently developed high fidelity material response code, and FIAT, NASA’s legacy code for ablation response modeling. The goal is to demonstrates that FIAT and PATO generate the same results when using the same models. Test cases of increasing complexity are used, from both arc-jet testing and flight experiment. When using the exact same physical models, material properties and boundary conditions, the two codes give results that are within 2% of errors. The minor discrepancy is attributed to the inclusion of the gas phase heat capacity (cp) in the energy equation in PATO, and not in FIAT.

Omidy, A. D., Panerai, F., Lachaud, J. R., Mansour, N. N., Cozmuta, I., and Martin, A., “Code-to-Code Comparison, and Material Response Modeling of Stardust and MSL using PATO and FIAT,” Contractor Report NASA/CR-2015-218960, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, 2015.
HDL: 2060/20160006963